Best web hosting provider

Best web hosting provider

A quality website is made up of some essential components which include: Domain, Web hosting, Theme, secured server(https) And quality contents. Among these five(5) components, the last 3 are secondary. The most important ( primary components) are Domain and Web hosting. In this article, we will be looking at:

  • What a domain is
  • What is a web host
  • The most important features of a good web hosting
  • top web hosting providers
  • What a domain is

What a domain is

A domain is the first thing as far as building a website is concerned. It is the web address of your website, that is, like a home address, your website has to have an address where people come to when they want to see your contents. It is your web address that search engines such as google and yahoo will direct people to when someone asks about a topic you have written about. Basically, a domain is a name that is, the address given to your website.

What is web hosting

Just as a domain is the address of a website, a web host is the powerhouse of a website. The reason a website is live and accessible to users is that it is hosted on a server that enables it to transmit information. A domain (web address) is useless without a web host which makes it available and reachable on the internet.

The most important features of a good web hosting

Price: It is generally believed that consumers want value for their money. It is important for a good web host to have a good price in relation to the quality of service it provides. You should consider price before purchasing web hosting especially if you are just starting a new website and you are making little or no revenue yet.
Uptime: Uptime refers to the number of hours your website is accessible to your web visitors in a day. It is important a web host has excellent uptime. Imagine a case where a web user type in a particular word or question, and your website comes up. The person clicks through, only for your website not to be available because your hosting provider is having a downtime. If cases like this continuously repeat itself, it will affect your Ranking, and people who know your website to malfunction will avoid it at all cost. This is not a good thing at all. Before you choose a bad web host because of price, you might want to have a rethink. The headache is not worth it at all. You will be losing good traffic and potential customers.

Customer service: customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web host provider. This may look trivial, but you will only get to know the importance when you need timely assistance from your host provider but the customer service turns out to be poor and unfriendly.
Availability of a well-written document and video tutorial on configuration: This is important. It will save you time and stress and sometimes money. If there is a well-written document or video tutorial to put you through configuration, this may save you money of hiring a developer to do the configuration for you. Some web providers have a guild on how to set up a website and a custom email to save you frustration.
Top web hosting providers
Bluehost: This is essentially my favourite. Bluehost has been a top choice host provider for a long time. In fact, it is highly recommended by WordPress. Bluehost customer base continues to increase for so many reasons including excellent uptime, ease of installation of WordPress and other applications, excellent customer support e.t.c. WordPress clouds hosting “wp-engine” has been around for a while and I can highly recommend that you try it out. As usual, it has a money-back guaranteed time of a month which you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.
Google clouds: Google is great on all sides. I am a user of google clouds hosting and I can tell you how amazing it is. Its uptime is second to none. The ease of use is quite incredible and the most important thing is that as powerful as google clouds is, you will be given a year of usage for free. Free 300 dollars to welcome you isn’t that awesome? At the end of the one year, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid plan or start using the always free option. I must confess I am wowed by google clouds.

Amazon web service: Amazon is also a leading giant when it comes to web hosting. it is clouds based and also has a free to use package. this is google clouds major competitor for clouds hosting.
Godaddy: Godaddy is the number one domain seller. it is more popular for domains than hosting
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