Blogging is rather a business mixed with passion than a way to make quick money. Blogging is a point where knowledge meets intelligence and get married in a couth called hard work. A lot of people who see blogging differently have jumped into the profession and jumped out within a space of six months. Speaking of blogging, you can not blog without having a quality website. You can host with one of the best hosting company in the world Interserver for as low as $1 for 3 months.

There was a time people easily make money with blogging by copying other people’s contents, rewrite, get traffic through fraud and make money. But right now, blogging is where it should be. Blogging is a profession for intelligent people who seek to solve problems through writing.

How to blog

Can anyone become a blogger? the answer is capital YES. but the right question is can everyone survive Blogging? the answer is capital NO. Blogging is fun, loving and rewarding, but it is far from being a lazy man’s job. To be relevant and successful as a blogger, there is a lot to do. Let us check out how tedious blogging is.

How to rank on search engines

The most popular search engines are google and yahoo. The war to rank high on these two and the rest is a tough one among bloggers. Bloggers work hard to rank on the top or at least to be on the first page of searches. This looks simple, but it is not. It involves a lot of tedious jobs like domain authority, backlinks from quality sites, contents quality and traffic.

Domain authority: This involves brainstorming and researching. You can not write quality content with thousands of words without knowing the topic inside-out. If a blogger Chooses to target a keyword because it has a large number of searches and it relates to his/her niche. This means he/she has to invest a lot of time and resources into research to find valuable information about the keyword. Bear in mind that you can not just write an article of 300-500 words and expect to rank on search engines. It has to be lengthened with good images and if you can make a video too, it’s better. For better understanding, here is what I call university for bloggers(wealthy affiliate).
Backlinks: Very important to the authority of a website is the quality and quantity of backlinks. Backlinks are the references made to a website by other websites. For instance, a link to Wikipedia from my website for a better explanation of a subject matter is a backlink for Wikipedia. That further builds search engines’ trust of Wikipedia because other websites are making references to it as a source of trusted information. search engines live for information and love websites that give them a lot of that. That will make that website which in this case is Wikipedia to rank high and have lots of organic traffic.

Traffic: Traffic is the heartbeat of blogging. A quality blog is useless without traffic. I mean what good is it to have a word-class form of information on a website where no one can see it? Blogging is definitely not a lazy man’s job. after writing, you still have to share your posts to social media and other places for traffic.
All of this distress is what Bloggers go through to rank, have organic traffic, and make money. Yes, I said make money. you are not making a dime unless you understand how all these works. Your success as a blogger is tied to traffic and search engines is the place you will get a lot of that for free. Except you want to spend money on adverts or rely on social media for adverts, you will not be making money as a blogger if your contents are not search engine friendly. Let us analyse how Blogging, traffic and making money works.

How to make money blogging

From the diagram above, I want to believe the relationship is clear. It all starts from building a quality blog to good content which must be SEO optimised, then traffic will follow, traffic brings money.

Blog: To know more about how to build a blog, see this article. You can build a quality blog for close to less than 5 dollars. just buy a domain from Godaddy and host for free with google clouds.
Content: SEO is king. I know you must have heard about SEO optimization. Don’t let it scare you, all it entails is all we have discussed above. the only point we are yet to discuss as far as SEO is concerned is Keyword research. Keyword research tools and all other blogging tools that will help you to create a quality blog post will be covered in the next article. SEO means search engine optimization. that is, optimizing your blog content for search engines in order to rank high, get seen by people who need the information you have written about and get a lot of quality and free traffic. I hope you understand? Let us put big grammar aside for some minutes. SEO means doing keyword research in other to know the topic people are searching for, write about the topic(first do your research about the topic), create backlinks for the article, and get free traffic from search engines.

Traffic: I have explained how this happens while explaining content. good content is the key to traffic. Let us take, for instance, a particular keyword is searched by 100,000 people monthly and you write a quality article about it that shows up on the first page of the search query, that means you have the opportunity to be seen by let’s say 50,000 people and get up to 20,000 traffic. if you have 10 posts of this nature, that means you will be getting like 200,000 traffic every month. Don’t be surprised some people have more than 3 million traffic every month. There are other ways to get traffic aside search engines which are: social media, adverts, guest posting on other websites e.t.c.
Make money: This is the last and the most interesting. If you have a website that has huge traffic, private investors, as well as big, organisations will want to advertise on your website. They want to get seen and they know the worth of recommendation by a top blog. If a blog with more than 1million visitors a month recommends a product, there is a high chance about 50,000 will want to try it out, about 25,000 sales will eventually be made at least more so, there are other ways to make money with traffic which are affiliate marketing and adverts company such as Adsense,, propeller e.t.c.

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