Clara’s dilemma- A tough decision

Clara’s dilemma- A tough decision

She is a young beautiful girl who just gained admission into a prestigious higher institution of learning. She is beautiful and intelligent, above all, she loves God more than anything and everything. Clara is determined to be the best graduating student, she is also determined to be a virgin until she gets married. Of course, that was before she met Dele.

One beautiful morning, Clara was on her way to sign her course registration form when she “crashed” into someone. She dazzled deep into his eyes lying right there on top of him. she found it really hard to stand up, his eyes were deep, he is rudy and handsome. sorry; sorry. she exclaimed as she tried to stand up from on top of him. Its ok said the young man. You are welcome to this great university, my name is Dele, can I be of help? No; No; Yes. She said. Can you please show me to the HOD’s office? of course, he replied.

That was how the became best friends. Dele is a gospel musician with TDH syndrome(tall dark and handsome). He is every girl’s dream, his wonderful voice can steal any girl’s heart in seconds, he is unique in all spheres of life and with a good physical appearance. Dele is in his final year at the university when he met Clara. She was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. She has the appearance of an angel, it was love at first sight, she stole his heart immediately.

As time goes by, they fell in love. It didn’t take too long before Dele wooed Clara, those were the right words she has been waiting for in a while, she didn’t take much time to say yes. Their love blossomed, they soon became the school’s favourite couple, they look really good together. However, Dele has a small problem. He cant do without sex. Like he always says, he loves sex and also can’t cheat on his girlfriend because he is so so so much in love with her. there is only one way out, and that is having sex with his girlfriend. He is determined to get married to Clara and has sworn to her on many occasions that she is the one he will get married to. However, he needs to have sex with her because he can not afford to cheat on her. But, Clara has made up her mind that she is not having sex until she is married to him legally.

The need for Dele to have sex with Clara because he is always having stomach pains when he refuses to have sex plus he naturally loves sex is tearing their relationship apart because Clara has decided not to have sex before marriage no matter what happens because she considers pre-marital sex to be a sin before God and has promised God she will not have sex before marriage. Clara is lost at this point, should she betray God by satisfying the love of her life? or should she stick to the promise she made to God and let her boyfriend continue with constant stomach pains? Having sex with Dele is a betrayer to God and not having sex with Dele is leaving Dele in pains. This is a very big ocean to cross, What do you think she should do

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