one very beautiful pictographs caught my attention not long ago. Written boldly on this piece of art was the full meaning of fear. It says

“Flee everything and run” or
“Face everything and rise”
Wow, I was literally speechless for some minutes. That pictography was actually saying when you encounter a problem, you have to options

  1. You can run
  2. You can stay and fight(face it).

But if you choose to forsake everything and run, you will keep running all the days of your life. But, if you face it, fight it, give it your best, you will rise, you will triumph, you will become a success.

It is very easy to run. In fact, when you come across anything scary, the instinct is to run. But my friend, when you run, you turn your back and become vulnerable. Mr bones said ” never turn your back on a lion” The question will be oh, where is the lion? the lion is any situation that scares you.

What is fear

Like I said, fear is the state of being afraid induced by danger or imagination. When you are scared of something be it your job, spouse, health, finance, anything that makes your heart skip is your fear.


How to deal with fear

First, you have to know that it is normal to be afraid, being afraid does not make you a coward, it simply means you are human. But, what you do when fear sets in determines if you are strong or a coward. Odessey said “fear I useful sometimes” so let us move right to how to handle fear.

See fear as a normal thing
See and think: when you are afraid, you can’t see nor think clearly. Fear clouds your judgement. This is why it is important that you stay calm. You can not afford to let the name of your problem scare you. You have to calm yourself, think straight and decide what your best chances are.
Create a plan: Depending on the magnitude and nature of your problem, you should develop a plan. This will help you conquer fear. Plan is everything. It gives you the feeling that your problem has already been solved. And that will go a long way in calming your fear. For instance, you are afraid you may not be able to keep your job, the best thing to do will be to either start writing applications to secure another job somewhere else or start your own business.

Speak word of courage to yourself: Your words are powerful. What you say to yourself is capable of putting your thought and fear to a pause. Courageous words are your strongest weapon. Do not close your mouth, a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Say to yourself I am powerful, I am strong, I am unstoppable, I am the biggest force this world has ever seen, this problem can’t stand on my way to destiny, this is just a stepping stone to my greatness. It doesn’t matter what is standing before me, I have succeeded already. Say it and mean it. Write it on your wardrobe, read it every time you want to get dressed every day, say it, mean it until you believe it. Your fear will disappear and nothing will stop you on your way to achievement.
Fight: I know how it sounds but yeah, you saw right. Fight, fight and fight. When I said fight I meant fight that which scare you and fight discouragement along side. The people who say you can’t are the people who are scared you can and you will. The fear of what you want to achieve is enough, don’t let discouragements be another burden on your shoulder. When you see fear, “think” and “create a plan.” After creating a plan, “speak words of courage to yourself” believe the words you speak, fight, fight and fight until you win.
The only thing you should fear is fear itself. If fear is at work, nothing else will work. If a team that is capable of beating Barcelona black and blue should go to the field afraid there is a Lionel Messi to deal with, they will get beaten by Barca. Not because barca I capable of defeating them, but because they have given in to fear. Give room to fear and you are half way to defeat, defeat fear, and you are half way to success.

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