It is impressive to see more women rise to leadership and administrative positions. Indeed, what a man can do, a woman can do better. I can go on mentioning the names of successful women who do not go about talking about the power of a woman but has truly shown that a woman is powerful.

What is feminism

There are many definitions of the word feminism, but I will simply define Feminism as knowing how powerful you are as a woman, knowing you are powerful and stronger than what the society will give you credit for, knowing you are not inferior to any man and not spending your time trying to prove that to any man. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic the president of Croatia will not invest her effort in trying to prove that she is better than any man, her strength, intelligence and achievements have proved that already. Hillary Clinton will not spend days trying to make the world see she is not a weaker vessel, the world already knows she is a powerful human and gender is of no consequences.

What feminism is and what feminism is not

Feminism is understanding that you are a woman and being a woman does not make you less or equal to a man, being a woman means you are stronger and better.
Feminism means you have to be treated with dignity and respect and will not settle for less.

Feminism means understanding your role in the ecosystem of life.
Feminism does not mean being disrespectful or throwing gender as an excuse if things do not go your way.
Feminism does not mean you should not respect and be submissive to your husband.
Feminism does not mean you do not need a man. Because you can achieve success on your own, yeah, it is true, but you should not become disrespectful and aggressive to prove you are a feminist.


Misconceptions about feminism

The general perception of the word feminism among young women is very funny. I was discussing with a friend (a young lady) her perception of feminism is really strange. It is a pity that this is the same thing many people believe feminism is all about. This young lady believes that feminism means you don’t need a man in your life(since you can achieve success on your own), and if you for one reason or the other end up with a husband, he is meant to serve and over pamper you. Then I asked, “what if the man will not accept that?” She said, “I will remain a baby mama than getting married and submit to any man” I must confess I was shocked. If you look around, you will discover most of the young woman are becoming more aggressive towards the male gender in the name of feminism. Does that mean a feminist can not have a balanced life? does that mean a feminist can not make her husband happy and have a happy family? If the inability to keep a happy family or give appropriate respect to the male gender is what feminism is all about, then I hate feminism.

Mentors’ lectures about feminism and their impact on the young generation
All this problem and misconceptions about feminism can be traced back to the role models that are invited to lecture young women about feminism. When it comes to mentoring and public lectures about feminism, the people that will be invited to lecture this young generation of women are people who have built success but care less about building a happy family. I won’t like to mention names, but not being married, becoming a baby mama, and being disrespectful to the opposite sex is what these young stars will Learn indirectly. Don’t get me wrong, how an individual choose to run their private life is their personal business, but the society should help the future of the society by inviting people who have succeeded in careers, mentally, maritally, and in human relationships when it comes to lectures about feminism. If feminism is not about hating the opposite gender, then people like Michelle Obama, Folorunsho Alakija and the likes are the role models that should be invited for public lectures not successful people with poor human relation who hides under the umbrella of feminism to disrespect the opposite gender. To change the perspectives of the younger generation about what feminism is all about, this has to be done. This will prove that a feminist does not have to be inferior to any man neither is it impossible to achieve success and have a wonderful family being a feminist.

Feminism is great, even the male gender should join the campaign against the unfair treatment of the female gender, but, this has to be done with caution not to confuse the young generation about what feminism stands for. Measures have to be taken to reduce the gross misconception of the world about feminism for feminism to achieve its objective.

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