Is education the key to success

Is education the key to success

Education is the ultimate key to a prosperous future, or so we were made to believe. The importance of education can not be overemphasized, but education can not be substituted for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and determination. The society made us believe that education is the key to success, but reality has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that knowledge plus determination is the ultimate key to achievements.

What is education

A lot of dictionaries have defined education in so many ways, but I will simply say education has two(2) broad categories, which are: formal and informal education. The world we live in today has confined education to be just formal education and for the sake of this article, we will define education from a formal perspective, that is the knowledge acquired within the four corners of a school and graduating with a certificate. Therefore an educated person is someone who has attended a higher institution of learning and graduated with a certificate.

Importance of education

No doubt, education is the best legacy. The importance of education can not be over emphasized. A lot of good things are happening in the world today thanks to education. A lot of educated folks are investing their time and resources into finding cures to diseases, finding better ways of doing things and technological advancements. So, education is very very important for the survival and progress of humanity.

Is education the key to success

Unfortunately NO. Education can increase your intelligence, but it is never the key to success. Here are the reasons to support the fact that education is not the key to success

Reasons why education is not the key to success

So many people are successful without graduating from a higher institution of learning: I can go on and on mentioning names of college dropouts and people who never had formal education who are highly successful, including Christiano Ronaldo, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg e.t.c
Cramming facts and figures may actually not make you smart in the real sense: The world today is full of “uneducated graduates,” unemployable learned individuals and so on. These sets of people have succeeded in graduating from higher institutions but have nothing tangible to offer society. Colleges now produce Bankers who sit in offices to count money made by uneducated people, stockbrokers who go about looking for people to invest in stock purchases that may really not bring in any profit at the end of the day. In a nutshell, most graduates are not producers. They can not think outside the box and find a solution to the problem of society. They prefer to take rather than give to society.

There are lots of educated but poor people: especially in developing countries, there are lots of poor graduates who can barely eat three square meals. It is amazing to know that many graduates have uneducated people as bosses. This should not be the case if education is really the key to success.

Keys to success

Success is a result of a combination of factors which are:

  • Think outside the box
  • Self-development
  • Becoming a problem solver
  • Determination

Think outside the box: The first thing in the Line of accomplishments is thought. You must be able to step away from the crowd and think things through. When you take your time to think really deep, you will find that there are lots of problems in society and providing solutions to them requires another round of thought.

Self-development: The world is changing, so should you. You have to keep evolving. The world has moved past the phase of crude technology to artificial intelligence. In no time, robot will be replacing humans. You have to keep working on yourself, Learn something new every day.

Be a problem solver: A wise man once said; “success is a reward for solving problems.” Be concerned with solving problems and you will never look for customers for one day of your life. People run into problems every day and look for solutions anywhere they can get it. Providing solutions to the problems of society is the key to success. Mark Zuckerberg found success in helping people connect online. Be a problem solver and success will find you.
Determination: The last but not the least is determination. What successful people have in common is determination, the mindset to never give up. Some successful people failed countless times, but they never gave up. The ability to Persist in the face of difficulties is what separates champions from losers.

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