Law of diminishing return

Law of diminishing return

Joan Robinson says ” what the law of diminishing return really state is that there is a limit to the extent to which one factor of production can be substituted for another.”

In every aspect of human relationship, let us always consider the other party before we do things. Life is full of ups and downs, we live today, we die tomorrow. There are things that when done will naturally affect other people, there are things that when done, will make other people really uncomfortable. there is a limit to everything in life. you should be careful not to push people beyond their breaking point.

Fantasies and law of diminishing return

I was reading an article about things to expect in a relationship, I was so surprised about the of quality time the writer spent writing fantasies. The writer wrote about how to know if your partner loves you, and he said

A person who loves you will never leave you no matter what you do.
The person who loves you will never hurt you
the person who loves you will never fight with you no matter how difficult the situation is
Then I began to wonder does that mean you are free to do what you like in a relationship and expect the other person to be fine with it? does that mean you should make decisions without considering how it will affect the other person? the answer is no.

Just like the law of diminishing return, if more and more unthoughtful or irrational behaviour is exhibited by a partner, colleague, friend or family, it will get to a point where the other person can not take it anymore then they begin to react negatively.

Production reacting to the law of diminishing return

A wise man once said, ” no matter how far you go in life, never believe you have reached your peak because when you reach your height, the best thing that can happen to you is to start falling.”

Life obeys the law of diminishing return. When you attain the highest you believe you can go, you will start falling. Therefore, wake up every day as a learner even though you went to bed as a legend yesterday, because if you sleep and wake up a legend, the best thing that can happen to you is to start falling.

There is a height production will get to, and the continuous addition of variable factors will only bring about a reduction in total output, there is a stage minimal stage to which people can tolerate your excesses before they start reacting negatively, there is a stage you should also not let people push you beyond as well. There is always a limit to everything. there is a stage where positive things can change route and go south. Be modest in everything you do. If you enjoy this article, check out other articles by esteemz.

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