love and trust

love and trust

Three things you should never beg for in life: Love, trust and respect. these three things either come naturally or you earn them. but whatever you do, you should never beg to be loved, trusted or respected. if they do not happen naturally, forget about or it, or work hard to earn them. I must confess that trying to earn love can be a frustrating thing to do, but I have seen people tried and succeeded. However, the greatest mistake you can make in life is to try to beg for any of these important things. People do not change, not if you appeal to there conscience, not if you beg them, not even if you threaten them. People change when they have come to the realization of the need to change. There is this saying “trust no one.” but believe me at some point in life you will have to trust someone either you like it or not. The point is you will have to trust, love and respect someone at some point in your life, make sure you are trusting the right person. Don’t let anyone talk you into trusting them. Be a smart person. Whatever spot anyone is occupying in your life, make sure they earn it.

Trust and dishonesty

A friend of mine was talking about brilliancy and dishonesty sometimes ago and she really touched some critical points as far as dishonesty is concerned. She made an illustration of a young brilliant man who happened to be the very best at his working place. Long story short, the company had to let him go even though there was no replacement for him due to his dishonest attitude. Honesty is everything, Many great destinies have been sacrificed on the altar of dishonesty. Honesty may look like a waste of time and a slow road to success but trust me it always pay off at the end. Let me give an instance there are many fake bloggers who post fake job adverts and some are engaged in fake news and will leave their audience in disappointments. Whatever you do, avoid dishonesty. Earn people’s trust and respect, Trust is everything, I mean everything.


Dishonesty is no doubt a quick way to success, but I can go on and on mentioning people who have risen to the top for integrity. There will come a time when people will need some trustworthy to occupy a particular position. there will come a time when that person who has been heartbroken over and over again finally realize it is time for something real, it is time to be with someone who is honest and trustworthy. At last, honesty always wins. Money they say is the root of all evil. can people keep money with you and go to sleep? if you can survive the temptation of money, you can survive anything.

worthy dishonesty

Sometimes, people get dishonest for reasons they think is worth it. For instance, a friend can lie to you to keep you safe or protect you from heartbreak. Sometimes, people lie so that they won’t lose your friendship. This kinds of dishonesties can be heartbreaking I know, but mistakes deserve to be forgiven. People make mistakes so do you. So forgive others and forgive yourself.

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