Multiple careers

Multiple careers

Multiple careers could be a blessing or a curse. Some people are born with multiple talents while some have none. I have a friend that has more than five talents and has succeeded in making the best use of three out of five. There is a saying that a man who is going everywhere is going nowhere. He could not have possibly made use of the five at the same time because they face opposite directions. don’t get me wrong, there are 5 different talents that could be combined if they all could work together, but in cases where they don’t, it is advisable you choose one to work on and make a living with it instead of becoming a jack of all trade and master of none.

Succeeding is the ultimate goal, you just have to figure out the talent that benefits you the most and concentrate your limited available resources in developing it. Polishing one talent and make it glow is better than having multiple careers, having a very high level of stress and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

Choosing a career

Choosing a career out of many other available options can be a very difficult thing to do, however, you just have to sit down and take a critical look at all the talents you have or career options available to you, take time to evaluate and pick the one that benefits you the most. By what benefits you the most, I mean what it is that gives you maximum satisfaction. To do this, you have to, first of all, define what drives you, Is it money? fame? or job satisfaction?. whatever it is, you have to first of all figure out, then choose a talent or career option that goes in that direction. If it is money, you have to choose the highest paying job or pick a talent that stands the chance of making you more money and concentrate on it.

Career error

You can not be on the football pitch today, dance rehearsal tomorrow, boxing ring the day that follows and expect to excel even though you have the potential to be good at all, the stress and mental instability will bury you. You have to choose one and keep doing the rest as a hobby. You have to choose what you are best at or at least choose the one that gives you the highest satisfaction.

Multiple careers and effective planning

Haven said that it is profitable and wiser to choose one or few careers to concentrate your effort on, let’s talk about planing. Speaking of career, here is how to make money at your free time. Opinion inn will pay you for your opinion. It is one of the highest payer in the industry.

Like I was saying, Planning is everything when it comes to combining careers. Let’s assume you work for a company and close for the day at 4 pm, but still desire a career in music, you still have the time to go for band rehearsal at 5 pm and possibly have night performance or go to the studio to record at night if you adequately plan your time. Timing and planning is everything when it comes to combining multiple careers or there is no way it is going to work out. Stress kills very fast, you have to be able to choose a few careers and plan them adequately if you hope to find fulfilment.

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