Online Business

Online Business

The internet is the biggest market place in the world, it is not surprising to see that the 1st (Jeff Bezos (Amazon), 2nd (Bill Gates (Microsoft) and 5th (Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) richest men in the world are people involved with online businesses.

However, internet business is not as easy as people think. It requires a level of consistency, patience, and hard work. Unless you are planning to be a fraud star, you have to learn to be patient and hardworking if you plan to succeed with the internet business. More importantly, you must be prepared for failures before success as well. Everyone is talking about Zuckerberg’s success with Facebook, no one is talking about Facemash and other unsuccessful projects he has done in the past. That is why many people rush into online business hoping to man quick cash but rush out when they discover internet businesses are not as easy as they thought and money can not be made in a rush. The bottom line is there are many businesses to do online and we will talk about a few of them, but you must be prepared to put in maximum effort in order to succeed.

Works you can do online

E-commerce: Having an online store like Amazon, eBay, Ali express e.t.c is the best online business. Selling things online is cool, but requires a huge investment. For you to build a successful e-commerce business, you must have the required capital to do advertisement and other logistics. It is great if you have a distribution company too which will help you distribute your sold products, but if you can’t afford that, you can partner with distribution companies to help you distribute your products while you focus on sales.
Dropshipping: This is like e-commerce. The difference is that it involves buying products from sellers and reselling or just lifting product images from big e-commerce stores such as Aliexpress and listing them on your own website. Then shipping this product to buyers when purchases are made on your website. In a nutshell, you are not the original seller, and the product is not originally listed on your website. But you will list the product on your website or hire someone to do it for you and buyers buy through your website or social media pages. This business is highly lucrative.

Blogging: Blogging is one of the most successful online businesses. This requires writing blog posts and getting paid by advertising companies such as Google Adsense, Propeller e.t.c when people visit or click adverts on your website. You can also be involved with blog affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s product on your website and get paid when sales are made through your affiliate links.
Content writing: You can become a content seller. This simply involves writing contents(blog posts) for bloggers, online influencers or e-commerce stores and getting paid for it. The internet is a big market place, bloggers, influencers as well as stores owners who do not have the time or skills to write buy contents, this could be a good job do you to pick up.
Graphic designer: If you have skills with graphics, you can register as a graphic designer on fiver and other platforms to earn a pretty good amount for graphics designing and other stuff such as photo editing.
Softwares, websites, plugins and app development: There are people who earn a living building website and other stuff. Software development can bring you a lot of time of fortune. You can build and advertise a website where you sell websites, apps, plugins e.t.c or just register on fiver and let fiver get you customers which I am very sure it would. You can sell directly online or become a freelancer.
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