What is the meaning of life

What is the meaning of life

A lot of meaning has been given to life, a lot of professionals and religious leaders has defined and given meaning to life based on their understandings of what life is or what it should be. There are many factors which influence one’s definition of the meaning of life ranging from religion, culture, socio-economic influences and personal reasoning.

The meaning of life

Life has been given so many meaning based on many factors. Let’s take a look at few

A religious man will say life is a gift given by God and one should use it to serve him
Some believe that life is given by some other deities some even believe life is given by cow and should be used in saving living things from slaughters.

There is variance in scientist definitions of life. But life from a scientist perspective can simply be said to be ” Living” for humans, and “surviving” for other organisms such as amoeba.
An atheist will say life has no meaning, living is meaningless. Just live how you want and let death happen.
The question then is what is life? Simply said, there can be no definition or meaning for life. Life simply means living. Whether you live to love or hate God, whether survival is all that matters to you or you are still looking to discover your reason for existence, life simply means living, living is life.

What Is the Purpose of life

This still takes us back to the influence of certain factors as they affect one’s life. Just like the definition of life, the purpose of life is personal. Each and every one is unique and so is our purpose in life. You have to sit and have a careful thought to discover the purpose of life as it relates to you, or create one for yourself. For better understanding, let us take a look at the purpose of life from a different perspective.

  • To a christian, the purpose of life is to win souls for Christ
  • To a Muslim jihadist, the purpose of life is to fight for Allah and kill many people in what they call “holy war” and probably die in the process, go to aljana where beautiful virgin awaits.
  • To revolutionists, the purpose of life is to fight for the freedom and wellbeing of others and probably themselves inclusive.
  • To a power-drunk man with instrumental of suppression, the purpose of life will be to conquer the world.

The variation goes on and on. The question is what then is the purpose of life? Like I said earlier, it is a personal question that involves personal discoveries. But whatever purpose we choose as humans should be the one that serves humanity and makes the world a Better place.

To mary Slessor, success and purpose means seeing an end to the killing of twins
To Martin Luther King, purpose meant seeing every American live as a free man regardless of the skin colour.
You have to find your own purpose as well as what success means to you.

Meaning of life goals

To find the meaning of life, you must first find your goals in life

What are goals

Goals are sets of objectives that one wish to achieve in life. Goals are ambitions, aims and objectives that individuals work to achieve at a specified period of time. Time is important in the concept of goals. Your goals should have an expiry date or they become mere wishes. The major difference between goals and wishes is time. Wishes may come through and may never come through and whatever time they come through is fine but goals are set to be achieved within a time limit.

Purpose-driven life

A purpose-driven life is a life that is:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Spends quality time on finding and fulfilling purpose
  • Strive for improvement every day
  • Understands the concept of time
  • Self-motivated

Is religion a blessing or a curse to life

Well, the answer to that question is a very complex one. Religion can be a blessing or a curse depending on what we make of it. A lot of people substitute divinity for humanity by being in church or other places of worship when they should be at work. This is very common in Africa, poverty-stricken people will not go to work but go to a place of worship to pray and receive blessings spiritually when they should be at work making money.
Many people use the name of God and other less deities to defraud other people: I will still come to Africa on this. Pastors live in mansions and have fleets of cars while church members are dangerously poor.
On this note, we conclude that serving God is a blessing but many people have brought curses on themselves and brought scorns to God in the process in the name of religion.

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