Living a beautiful life

Living a beautiful life

There is a saying in Africa “Love is sweet, but when money is involved, love is sweeter.” Everything in live has a price tag, and now, the most beautiful gift in life (love) is believed to have a price tag too. This is not surprising, because “life” means different things to different people. However, we must not forget that some very rich individuals will pretend to be poor in order to find someone who loves them for who they are and not because they are wealthy. Can we then say money is important to love if some people will prefer to be loved for who they are and not for the money they have.?

Is money really important to love?

Well, I believe the answer to this question is personal. But just to be clear, money is important to “love” but not important to true love. If money is really that important to love, you will not see wealthy people fall I love with poor, reached people. Money is good, by definitely not important to true love. At best, it is just a bonus as far as true love is concerned.

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How to make your life beautiful

Love: As I have said earlier, love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Have you seen people smiling to themselves? Have you seen people on phone for hours? 90% of the time, they are in love.

Stop overthinking: Over thinking ruins everything. Instead of thinking about all the things that can go wrong, think about all the things that can go exactly as you planed it.

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